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ISBN: 978-1-4414-3069-4
March 2009 (PB) / August 2009 (EB)
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Paperback / E-Book
$10.99 (PB) / $ unavailable (EB)
162 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance Anthology / Speculative Fiction (Fantasy & Sci-Fi)
Rating: 4 Cups

Star Crossed

Reth Rielly made his way through the academy to become a navigator for the Star Corp. It was never his intention or desire to develop feelings for a crew member, knowing it can lead to a very sticky situation if things go bad.

School, friends, and grades always came easy for Xan Anders, but when he locks eyes with a certain navigator, he knows he is in way over his head.

Gunners always seem to be the most boisterous crew members on a ship, and Xan is no different. He caught Reth’s attention way back when they were in the academy together, but graduation night saw an abrupt end to a budding relationship. Can Xan make up for his past mistakes, or will they go on passing each other by and always wondering?

Xan and Reth make a great start to this anthology. I really like how they balance each other’s personalities, and how their story is more about heart than heat.

The Bard’s Song

The music in Taurin’s soul is like the faintest of whispers that he cannot quite catch, but he knows that once he does, he will never let go.

It is not an easy life being a Bard, but for Quim it is a calling, not a profession.

He is the King’s knight, strong, fearsome, and brave, but one refrain from Quim’s flute, and Taurin is brought to his knees. Could this be what he has been waiting for his whole life, and if so, what does that mean for him and his Bard?

Is this the ultimate sacrifice or the ultimate salvation for Taurin? There is an underlying power in Quim that will leave you pondering Taurin’s fate.

World Enough and Time

Is Armageddon finally here? Allen thinks that maybe this might finally be it. The salt has made everyone a bit crazy, and when Ricky goes out to the store with a gun in his waistband, it is not solely for protection.

This cannot be happening; he has lived in New York for years and has never been accosted, but now with the end coming near, Allen is about to be raped in an alley. He screams for help, but when it arrives, he is not sure whether to be thankful or even more terrified. Ricky and Allen are strangers in a world being buried in salt and mayhem, but in their own little sanctuary maybe they can find peace.

This story really makes you question how you would spend the last days of your life. Would you explode in a frenzy of living every last second to the fullest, or would you strive to find serenity amidst the chaos?

Parking Lot Hero

Vic is about to experience one more power thanks to his love for Matt. He just cannot stand by when innocents are about to be hurt.

Matt loves everything about Vic, but it scares him to death when Vic exhibits a new super power.

Vic never has much to say, and rarely displays anything but a scowl in public, but that does not mean he is heartless. Matt knows for sure he is exactly the opposite, so when their elderly landlord is about to be run down by jerks on crotch rockets, he stands back and watches Vic with love in his heart, and his heart in his throat.

Vic is built like your proverbial brick ***house, but when it comes to Matt he is a total marshmallow. They are yen and yang, and I will never get tired of their escapades. I love every one of their stories, and they have become one of my most favorite couples.


The prison transport ship is going down, and the only thought for Trace is to finally find freedom, if he survives the crash.

A planet of replicates can be a very lonely place if you crave variety, and Davin is about as lonely as you can get.

For all outward appearances they are the same, and Davin aches for the opportunity to be with a true born human. He may just get his chance when a prison ship crashes on his planet, and they are sent out to round up the prisoners. Trace may be on the run, but freedom tastes so good, and when Davin makes his presence known, Trace is not sure whether to fear him or have a little fun.

Trace is such a mystery man, and Davin an enigma waiting to be exposed. They are hot and exciting, and I want more!

Navigator’s Log

Tylar Daire is the navigator for a research mission trip to find the plant responsible for dozens of deaths and hundreds of seriously ill colonists. This is certainly not the time and place to have a crush on a teammate.

Pilot Rion Z’ev may crack jokes and fool around, but what he is feeling for Tylar is no joke.

Every day they search one quadrant after another for the elusive plant that is killing so many people, and every day Tylar’s feelings become stronger and stronger for Rion. This is a man he could love, but with the threat of death hanging over their heads, he needs to stay focused on his job. Rion is just as enamored, and a little wagering may just get Tylar exactly where he wants him, but will the cost be worth it?

This story is sad, sweet, and scary all at the same time, and it sweeps you right up in its drama. Tylar and Rion will put a smile on your face, and tears in your eyes.

The Fall

He is messenger to God, but Gabe knows that he has stepped over bounds with his love for Luce.

Luce is resigned to his fate, and prays that Gabe will be able to continue on without him. He will take his punishment, and know in his heart that his love for Gabe is worth even the wrath of God.

It cannot happen, he will not let it, but Gabe is powerless to stop the fall of his beautiful dark angel. Luce has been butchered and thrown out of the heavens, and it is his fault. Gabe hurls himself toward Earth in the hopes that he can save Luce, but will his actions only ensure the death of two of God’s chosen?

Every time I read this story, it breaks my heart. Gabe and Luce are a symbol of every couple denied the chance to love, by those who feel themselves superior and righteous – a true tragedy in my opinion.

VR Palace

What goes on behind closed doors is the only thing that makes his life worth living. As a businessman in a nine to five world, he lives for the release and safety of the VR Palace.

He is a composite of binary codes and circuitry, not a flesh and blood man. He lives in the worlds the businessman creates and is everything the man wants him to be, until he is not.

Each scenario only strengthens the bond the businessman has for his VR lover. He is everything he could want in a lover: tall enough, sexy enough, and available every time and in any way he wants him. Maybe he made his lover too good, because his feelings are dangerously close to love, and having those feelings reciprocated is scaring him to death.

If it looks real, feels real, and tastes real, who is to say it is not? The businessman in this story has taken the physically safest way possible to have a sexual relationship, but emotionally he may be hit even harder.

Do not look for sunshine and sparkles in all of J.M.’s stories. You should instead be open to all manner of heartfelt love stories that make up this wonderful anthology. There is never a shortage of steamy love scenes, but above all else the plot lines are exciting and original, and the characters soulful and strong. My favorites are Matt and Vic, and Tylar and Rion, who are completely different, but have such a beautiful bond they really touch your heart. J.M. Snyder is one of my favorites when it comes to M/M love stories, and I am sure the author will be yours too after reading Other Worlds Than These.

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