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ISBN# 1-59578-268-0
September 2006
Liquid Silver Books
E book
75 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Bethany’s father sold her into marriage with the brutal Robert Bradshaw. The wealthy womanizer alternately ignored and abused her and so she feels no regret for his death. Unfortunately, she is unable to remember the circumstances of his murder.

Michael Devane is an opium-addicted inspector in the police department. He is brilliant, in spite of his addictions. Since the Jack the Ripper murders, he has lost his daughter and then his wife to divorce, and has sunk deeper into despondency, with work and the opium dens his only relief.

When wealthy theatrical producer Robert Bradshaw is brutally murdered in his bed, Inspector Michael Devane is called in on the case. The victim’s beautiful wife was present, but can remember nothing of the crime. Michael feels a deep attraction for the woman, but must prove her innocence first.

The author has captured the people and atmosphere of post-Ripper London very well. Bethany is a very appealing character, as is Michael for the most part. I found it disturbing that he solved crimes while in an opium haze that sometimes lost him days of his life. I also was puzzled by his obsession with Liz Stride, one of the victims. The author seems to be glamorizing her, but it is, after all, fiction. The romance between the two main characters was very well written and she maintained the suspense right through to a very exciting climax.

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