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ISBN# 1-59998-941-7
May 13, 2008
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
181 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Lynett, a well connected Anglo Saxon noblewoman, is also blind. Upon hearing her parents’ latest degrading discussion on how to find her a suitable husband, Lynett decides to walk off her frustration. Winding up lost in the castle, Lynett overhears a possible plot against the king. Trying more urgently to find her way she trips and is discovered by the Sheriff of London, Basil.

Basil has another obligation. Besides Sheriff, he is the acknowledged illegitimate son of a Normal noble. His attraction to the Anglo Saxon woman is a major complication while he searches for a thief, tries to find the possible conspirators, and ultimately face a dilemma between love, loyalty, and family.

As the situation worsens, Lynett and Basil spend more time together, but know they will soon be parted. When the danger to Lynett increases and she is threatened, Basil is willing to do anything to protect the woman he loves but cannot have.

Out of the Dark is an absolutely fantastic book. While it is more sensuous than sexy, and I love a good trashy romance, this is the best historical romance I have read in months. Superb presentation of the characters and settings make Basil and Lynett come off the pages and connect with the readers. The supporting characters are well written with a rational for all they do, however twisted. The dialogue is structured to match the time but does not require an Old-English translator. Thanks to Ms Ainsworth, Out of the Dark is a definite keeper and one I completely recommend.

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