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ISBN 1-933563-73-7
December 2007
Siren Publishing
80 pages
Futuristic/Multiple Sex Partners
Rating: 3 Cups

Jerra Aubrey has been abducted from her life on Earth, to be a breeder for S-species. They are superior to humans in every way, so think they have the rights to do so. Unlike others who have been appropriated, she is to be shared by only three men. Usually breeders can be taken by any of the crew who wants her. She does not count on enjoying the sex with the three men, and she certainly does not count on falling love with the diplomat.

Ran Kartel is a diplomat enroute to a diplomatic mission. The more time he spends with Jerra, the less willing he is to share her. S-species males rarely attach to the woman appropriated by them, but there is something about Jerra that calls to him.

As the ship makes its way to the planet in need of diplomatic intervention, Ian Hamilton and Ran Kartel each make surprising discoveries. Ran finally asks Ian and Larik Armada to allow him to be the only one having sex with Jerra. Ian finds love with his Captain, and Armada begins sharing another human female as Ran and Jerra fall in love. After the disastrous diplomatic mission, they return to the home planet where Ran speaks with the council to try to make Jerra his.

I really enjoyed this story, wishing I had a longer time with the likeable characters. I do hope to see another installment where Larik Armada finds the one he wants to be with, I look forward to getting to know more about him. Jerra and Ran shared a connection and chemistry from the first time they meant.

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