ISBN: 1-59330-313-0
August 2005
Aventine Press
1023 4th Avenue, Suite 204, San Diego, CA 92101
Price: $ 15.00
281 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Paloma Dove is on the run. Trying to avoid an assassin, she starts to board a plane at
La Guardia Airport to only have her escape delayed. When she hears her name being
called over the intercom, she is certain to be spotted by the killer. She has no time to
stop and think about surrendering to anyone. Paloma puts on her thinking cap and stays
one step ahead of the killer, finding a safe exit. After she runs out of money, she finds
out more trouble follows by the name of Max Laurent, a man she once loved.

When retired FBI agent Max Laurent hears that his old flame, Paloma, is in jeopardy, he
sets out to locate her. Unfortunately, he is not prepared to play any cat and mouse
games with her one step ahead of him and outmaneuvering him at every turn. When
their paths finally cross in Buffalo, they elect to join forces and forget the awful past to
catch the assassin before he has a chance to eliminate her. Until the assailant is behind
bars, they can never come to terms with all their past mistakes.

Paloma is a refreshing story that drew this reader right into the fast-paced action. The
dialogue is very well written all throughout the story as well as the sexual tension
between the characters. I enjoyed the way the author blended in not only a touch of
romance and mystery, but actual problems that the characters must face before they can
rediscover what they once had in their lives. I liked the part where Paloma asked the
doctor why animals lived longer in a cage than in the wild.

Ms. Lavid produces a story filled with romance and suspense that keeps you on a roller
coaster filled with blood-rushing excitement. She does not disappoint her readers in this

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance