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ISBN#: 9781603706100
January 2009
Torquere Press
202 Pages
LGBT/Erotic Romance/Sci-Fi
Rating: 5 Cups

Dr. Elios Campbell is a linguist involved with the Pandora Project. His personal life has been through an upheaval resulting in the loss of his lover and the children he called his own. Until he is introduced to Sender, he no longer believes he can find true love.

Lieutenant Sender Kinnison is called Sky, as much for his piloting skills as his height and eye color. He comes from a colony where his attraction for men is forbidden. He is able to curb his need with barroom and bathroom encounters until he meets the man from whom he is to receive a courtesy flight.

Sender has a lifetime of guilt and shame to work through. Elios has already lost one love to a woman because of society's definition of normal. Tragedy and society will try to tear them apart. Together they must find the strength to stand and fight.

The flaming hot relationship between Sender and Elios is enough to set your unmentionables on fire. The intense love scenes were written with an incredible talent that provides living visuals of every caress. I was unable to force myself to put the book down until I had read every word -- sometimes twice! The amazing writing abilities of these two authors should not be missed.

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