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ISBN # 9781934941352
2004/ February 2009
Swimming Kangaroo Books
$4.99/ $14.99
244 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Pandora Reilly has been through a very rough time. She escaped an abusive husband with her daughter and soon to be son. She has worked her way through many issues and now has friends who support her. Pandora is doing well on her own, raising her two young kids. That is, until she starts receiving odd phone calls and someone tries to run her down. Someone wants to see her dead.

Justin Andrews has been hired to protect Pandora and her children. However, he soon has conflicting feelings. He is trying to do his job but keeps getting sidetracked by thinking of Pandora. He is very protective of them, but knows he cannot lose himself as he already lost one love and cannot go through that again.

With the threats against Pandora becoming more and more dangerous, the decision to try to hide them elsewhere to keep them safe is made. While trying to find out who is after her, Justin and Pandora are also fighting the feelings they have for each other. Can they work things out in order to have a future, or will the killer get to Pandora first?

Wow! What a great book. Action, romance, cute kids, all that is missing is the puppy. The characters are well honed and pull you into their story to ride along for one heck of an adventure. The storyline just races along, making you try to turn the pages faster. I totally enjoyed this story and all it had to offer and I am sure many other readers as well. Wonderfully done, Ms. Charton.

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