ISBN # 0977778800
February 2006
Erotic Tales Publications
171 pages

When Mary and her crew mates crash land on a planet called Paradise, they do not
expect to encounter a society where women are in charge and men are treated as
slaves. Mary is treated well but she wants to know what has happened to the rest of her
crew and is puzzled by the reactions to her questions. After being given a handsome
slave named Sabre she realizes just what is going on around her and is determined to
do something about it.

Sabre wants to be a pampered pet because it will be an easier life than one in the
mines and also so that he can gather information for the Rebellion forces. When he is
given to the Earth woman he does not expect to develop feelings for her but he cannot
help himself. After developing a sense of trust between them he decides to accept her
help and takes her to meet the leader of the Rebellion in the hopes that she can help.

This is an exciting story with a terrific amount of suspense and intrigue. The inequality of
the sexes and the attitudes of the women towards the men makes for an interesting
conflict to base the story around. The collars are effective plot devices that make the
domination of the men more plausible. The setting is detailed and befitting to the

This fabulous story is chock full of interesting characters that really grabbed my
attention. The characters felt so real to me that I cried at points and I laughed at others.
The way the men handle their repression is fascinating. Ms. Roux has a very creative
imagination and uses it here to create a futuristic world that many are sure to enjoy as
much as I do. I recommend Paradise to anyone who enjoys stories of love and lust on
other worlds.

Susan White
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books