ISBN: 1-4199-0203-2
September 2005
Ellora’s Cave
126 Pages
Erotic Contemporary

Silkie Trevor is a private investigator who is not too keen with her new assignment. She
has to seek out a nameless man with an anchor-shaped birthmark on the most private
part of his body--and take pictures. Silkie has to travel to a Caribbean nudist colony that
caters to rich, privileged women whose every fantasy is granted by handsome young
men with chiseled pecs and washboard abs. But what Silkie soon undercovers is
something much more meaningful.

Julian St. John is a mystery who always dresses in black. Many of the women who come
to the resort would love to get their hands on him, but he never fraternizes with the
clients. That is, until he meets the beauty that has come to do research with Dr. Olivia
Carstairs. One glimpse of Silkie and Julian wants her, even though she has requested
not to participate in the resort’s activities. What will Julian do when he discovers her real
reason for being at the tropical paradise?

Passion’s Mistral is a highly charged erotic suspense that fascinates from beginning to
end. The electric sparks between the main characters are dynamite every time they
meet. This book is worth the read just to see how Silkie deals with inspecting the men’s
‘packages’ as she searches for birthmarks. I laughed out loud when Silkie and Dr.
Carstairs discussed the unclipped and snipping parts. The way Ms. Boyett-Compo
revealed Julian’s past allowed the reader to feel his joy and pain.

Ms. Boyett-Compo writes a compelling story that thrills and excites. It is suspenseful,
loaded in romance and merriment. An unforgettable story that leaves a mark long after it
is over. I could almost feel myself in Silkie’s shoes as she traveled to the nudist colony
for her search for the marked man. I feel that this book would not disappoint a reader
because Ms. Boyett-Compo captivates in a way that throws you completely into the
book, experiencing every scene that takes place. Each time Julian swept his eyes over
hers, I could feel the lingering stare. Her writing made me feel each remarkable scene
all the way to Julian’s little touches to the breath on her neck. This is an excellent book
that does not disappoint.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance