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ISBN# 978-1-59426-465-8 E-Book and 978-1-59426-466-5 Trade Paperback
May 2008
Mundania Press LLC
6470A Glenway Ave. #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211-5222
E-Book /Trade Paperback
$6.00 /$14.95
256 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lindy Anderson has been split from her ex for nine months. Now at a cabin in Minnesota, she is six miles from any man, or at least she thought so.

Gareth is with the Bear People. When he shifts, he can be a most valuable shot for any trophy hunter to hang on the wall. The last hunt lands him on Lindy’s porch, hurt.

Lindy is surprised when an injured man is lying on her back porch steps. Going to his rescue, she brings him inside. She steps out of the room for a moment, only to return to find a bear, not a man, asleep in her home. Gareth is running from hunters. There is no way he can deny his shift as a myth or a dream. Lindy allows him to stay if he is honest with her. He finds Lindy a strong woman with integrity, courage, and compassion. Gareth tells her about the Bear People which makes her grow to honor them. When Gareth tries to introduce her to them, they refuse to accept her. He must show the Bear People she is different, but will it be enough when other humans seek his destruction?

People of the Bear was a page-turner for me. I could feel the sorrow that Lindy endures with her difficulty with men. With everything she faces, she shows great resolve in her efforts to trust Gareth. There were many facets that tugged at the heart. I could almost visualize Gareth racing through the forest to escape the dreaded hunter. Ms. Johnson tells a wonderful story of betrayal, trust, loyalty and love in this moving tale. Reading about the humans and the Bear People, and their differences, has its moments. This is one incredible journey that shows true colors in this action-packed read.

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