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The Georgian Rakehells Series
Book 1: A Gentleman’s Wager
Book 2: Indiscretions
Book 3: Phantasmagoria
Book 4: Three Times The Scandal

ISBN # (10)0-352-34168- 8 / (13)978-0-352- 34168-6
April 29, 2008
Virgin Black Lace
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
$12.95 U.S./$14.50 Canada
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Bella Rushdale thought her life was pure pleasure with her bisexual lovers. Then one day her whole world, along with her ménage à trois, smashes to smithereens. She seeks to find why her lovers suddenly left as she tries to claim Vaughan's heart because she does not wish to release Vaughan. Bella understands her relationship with Vaughan, as well as Viscount Lucerne Marlinscar creates spine-tingling pleasure, but it is Vaughan she desires.

Vaughan, Peredur Forvasham, Marquis of Pennerley is the one who feels like his world is about to come shattering down around him. He enjoys satisfaction with no respect for anything getting in his way. Some believe him to have a cold heart but in reality he can be an emotional hurricane. He has plans for Bella.

Viscount Lucerne Marlinscar and Bella are lovers too. They might have developed a better relationship if Vaughan had not interfered. In addition, Lucerne has trouble articulating his feelings which Bella soon discovers. Bella, Lucerne and Vaughan have many moments of passion. However, it has been four weeks since Vaughan has touched Bella. So Bella turns to her other lover, Lucerne , to receive her sexual pleasure. When Vaughan is in his own dominion he can be more dangerous and unpredictable. He has no intention of being burdened with any wife but his sudden departure does not stop Bella from going after him. When she finds him again he is busy preparing for All Hallow's Eve but her desire for him is only stronger. She refuses to shed anymore tears for him but can the two finally find what they seek in each others arms without the presence of Lucerne?

Phantasmagoria is a sexually provocative read. Not only does it spin sensual creativity among the many characters, it also exhibits strong feelings that are shown through Bella and Vaughan. The reader can practically visualize their every layered expression. Madelynne Ellis weaves a luscious sword play of appetizing delights among the men and women in this stimulating tale making the heat rise on every page. I was especially drawn into the way she crafts the storyline and tells the story without losing the readers interest. Vibrant and electrifying, this well-written read sizzles.

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