ISBN: 0-446-69330-8
December 2005
Time Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$14.95 US/$19.95 Canada
126 Pages
Non-Fiction: Cosmetic Tips

Nowadays it seems like whenever a person turns on the television or picks up a
magazine, everyone is looking for that fountain of youth. That spring where a person
never grows old and never shows any sign of aging. What person is not searching for
the perfect face-lift, faultless nose, or lips like Angelina? Are people that unhappy or
desperate to have the turn of the knife or sharp pinch of the needle just to be someone
else? Then are they really happy with the results?

Plastic Surgery without the Surgery is an insight to different alternatives, instead of
risking the knife or collagen injections. It is a book designed to show step-by-step ways
to produce that youthful look without paying out high prices. Some celebrities even use
the techniques in the book to make them appear younger, have larger breasts, and use
their natural beauty to enhance the cameras. Before there were any surgeries and
injections, everyone had other measures that made them gorgeous looking. This book
tells many of the treatments that really work.

Plastic Surgery without the Surgery is remarkable. I particularly loved the pages with
Eve’s Home Remedies. Ms. Pearl has step-by-step advice that really works, if followed
accurately. There are many people who cannot afford the surgeries, as well as worry
about the risk. I cannot rave enough about all the insights of information that I learned in
this economical read.

Eve Pearl has composed a very informative book. It is a rare find in our world filled with
being obsessed about beauty. Sometimes one seems to forget the beauty that is inside
the person, and only looks at the package outside. Beauty lies within and this book is an
exceptional treasure when it comes to discovering that beauty.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books