February 2006
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$13.95U.S./$19.95 Can
320 Pages
Erotic Romance


Accused of embezzlement, McCall Lindsey is advised by her lawyer to take a break at a
private getaway on South Padre Island. Warned against disclosing her true identity she
encounters Derek, who mistakes her for his birthday present and proceeds to make
love to her. McCall, thinking she is dreaming, fully participates in the sexual antics and
vows to explore her wild side.  Who her sexual partner turns out to be is a complete

This story is about what can happen when you shed your inhibitions and live for the
moment. The sex is incredible and down right exhausting but fun.

Same Time Next Week

Kinsey Carlyle is contemplating accepting Dr. Zachary Taylor’s marriage proposal, but
is uncertain about how she truly feels. Her parents approve of Zachary and he is
handsome and well established, but is also boring and his love making skills leave
much to be desired. On her sister’s advice she decides to have one last fling, and
bumps into a tall, handsome stranger who makes her entire body tingle with unexpected
sexual heat. Can Kinsey go back and forget the exciting stranger and what they did?

The premise of this story revolves around finding who makes you happy despite what
your parents might think. Exploring one's sexual proclivities can be quite exhilarating
with the right person.

Jack of Hearts

Jack McMillan finds himself dumped after a six year relationship. Accused of having a
drinking problem and a commitment phobia, he retreats to his beachfront property to
lick his wounds, only to find a tempting new neighbor has moved in. After realizing it is
Royce, his ex’s sister’s friend, he vows to leave the loudmouth radio talk show host
alone, all the while hiding a six year crush.

When Royce finds out whom her next door neighbor is, she cannot help but wonder if all
the rumors are true about Jack’s sexual prowess, and sets out to prove it one way or the
other. Will he stay true to form and break her heart?

This story proves that with the right person, all things are possible with a little prodding.
Discovering a new side of a person you thought you knew can be exciting and down
right liberating.

Ms. P.J. Mellor has written three hot stories all centered on the sexual antics of the part
time residents of Pleasure Beach. All of the heroines are strong women in need of
equally strong men with vivid imaginations, while the heroes are hard headed and
stubborn until love breaks down their defenses. I found myself wrapped up in each story,
cheering on the heroines and berating the heroes for their blinders. I thoroughly enjoyed
this book.

Katherine L. Hunt
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance