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ISBN: (13) 978-0-373-06678-0, (10) 0-373-06678-3
February 2009
Harlequin Medical
185 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Moving to a remote island in the Scottish Western isles is the perfect escape for Dr. Meagan Galbreath. She can finally get away from the memory of her dead husband, Charlie, and their failing marriage, and hopefully recapture a sense of inner peace.

The duty, responsibility, and obligations Dr. Cameron Stuart carries on his shoulder would feel unbearable if not for his son, Ian. Everything Cameron does is for Ian, and if that means constantly giving in to his ex-wife’s demands, so be it.

Meagan heartily agrees to accept the GP’s position on the island, hoping that the peace and quiet will sooth her battered soul, but within the first hour of arriving that illusion is completely shattered. It cannot be possible that Cameron is here, on this island with her, and she has to work side by side with the only man who ever made her feel like he was her soul mate. She was only nineteen when they met, but in that one glorious day she knew he was it, and then he was gone, and she never saw him again until now. Cameron still cherishes the memory of his day with Meagan, but Ian must come first, even if it means re-marrying Rachel and losing Meagan once and for all.

The love that Cameron shows for his son is what really makes this story shine. It is precious and heartwarming to see a man so devoted, but that devotion seems to battle with common sense. The animosity between Cameron and his ex is quite obvious, and it is hard to believe two intelligent doctors would not realize how easily a child will pick up on that. I thoroughly love the sailing and water rescues in this story; the fast pace and heart-pounding excitement are fantastic additions to the romance.

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