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ISBN# (10): 0-352-34164-5/ (13): 978-0-352-34164-8
February 7, 2008
Black Lace (Virgin Books)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
$7.99 U.S./$8.99 Canada
272 Pages
Erotic Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

The Silver Chains by Mathilde Madden

Alfred, ‘Alfie’ Friday has always been a charmer. He has sex appeal and knows how to use it. Misty and Leon are part of his pack. When he learns there are chains in Brazil that might help his situation, he takes his pack and heads to South America.

Misty is also Alfie’s girlfriend and likes to go to the club Wonderland. Mindy is her real name, but a lot of guys love the name Misty. It is there where she meets Caroline Ray who has been single for three months, and convinces Alfie to go home with her.

Caroline is surprised when Alfie goes home with her, and then turns into a wolf. Caroline informs Alfie her sister is a witch and told her she would meet an unstable wolf. She is to set Alfie on the right path. Caroline wonders if Alfie had bondage sex would it help his situation. He does not think so. She mentions the Silver Chains. They are there to help control shapeshifters. Alfie was bitten by a lone wolf and does not believe the chains will help him, but Caroline believes it is worth a try. There is only one thing left to do and that is head to South America to find the Silver Chains. Alfie decides to take his girl, Misty, along with the other pack member, Leon, in search for anything to really proffer him help. He is tired of coming across as an out of control wolf. The only problem is, after he becomes a prisoner of an Amazon Queen, will the chains really help or hurt his problem?

I thought The Silver Chains was a fascinating tale. I love the little twist and turns that were unexpected. Mathilde Madden weaves a story that keeps the reader entertained. She incorporates some sizzling heat, along with a stirring plot, to make the characters jump out at the reader and hold them spellbound. Readers can read more about Alfie and his escapades in the Silver Werewolf Trilogy.

Broken Angel by Madelynne Ellis

Blaze Makaresh steals an ancient manuscript then ends up being poisoned by a Youkai. Luckily a Talon hunter saves his life which seems strange since it was the Talons many knew to stay clear of, or one could become butchered meat.

Asha is not only a Talon but a demon hunter. As a Talon, at times her demeanor is almost programmed. After her chance meeting with Blaze, the sexual passion between them works like a magnet.

The Youkai demons plunge into human society seeking a way to satisfy their desire for sex and flesh. The Talon are demon-hunters from an elitist society of demon-hunters often seeking to help. Not long after stealing an ancient manuscript, Blaze is being tracked down by some Youkai. He is thankful to be confronted by the Talon, and more so when approached by the lovely Asha. Unfortunately, the attack the Youkai left on him could impair him and cause unpleasant problems with the Talons. One meeting with Asha, and all that seems to fly out the window when the passion between them begins to heat, but once she learns he has been tainted by a Youkai, will she seek his destruction?

Broken Angel is quite an intriguing tale. I like the characters of Blaze and Asha. This reader found the Youkai and the Talons quite out of the ordinary creatures, even though they have an unusual concept on their life and everything about them. Ms. Ellis pens appealing players, an intense and interesting tale well worth the read.

Falling Dancer by Anne Tourney

Kelda is a bartender full-time and an exorcist part-time. She would like to have a long lasting relationship but ruthless spirits and ill-advised demons follow her everywhere.

Brendan is a musician and cannot believe his girlfriend, Lia, just fell from an eleven-story building without a scratch. He seeks answers and turns to Kelda for help.

Kelda would love to have a relationship that would continue longer than twenty-four hours. Then Brendan enters the bar. Brendan is shocked when his girlfriend, Lia, wishes to kill herself. Instead Lia walks away without a single scratch. Searching for answers, he goes to speak to Kelda. He heard she understands about the Fallen One who has changed places with Lia. Kelda is certain Lia is no longer really Lia, but instead someone else residing in her body. By trying to exorcise the Fallen One out of Lia’s body, Kelda finds heated excitement with Brendan. Putting sexual thoughts aside, Kelda must work speedily to exorcise the bad spirit if she wishes to restore the body back to a normal life, especially when time is not on her side.

I think of the three stories, this one may stand out a bit more. The refreshing characters leap off the pages and come to life in front of the reader. I loved how Ms. Tourney tells the story of exorcising bad demons and bringing back the others. I am not one into having numerous lovers or anything of that nature, but that aside, the basis of the storyline is pretty neat.

Possession is three erotic tales with their own unique style. The three authors have cleverly styled well-written stories that keep the reader entertained. I like the diverse traits of each of the characters. Anyone who loves the paranormal will enjoy these mouth-watering delights. The secondary characters blend in with all the right elements to make this anthology a page-turner. Three great authors, three arousing tales, make one terrific read.

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