ISBN: Electronic 1-59088-599-6
ISBN: POD 1-59088-438-8
July 2005
Wings ePress
E-Book $6.00 / trade paperback $12.95
150 Pages
Contemporary Romance

Jewell has her hands full when she applies for a new job. The first day of her interview,
she meets a man who is abrupt. She notices that he is deaf, but that does not mean he
has to be impolite. When she accepts a job as his right arm person, sparks begin to fly
not only with co-workers but between the two of them as well. Will her love be enough to
break down that shell that makes him a better man? Only time will tell as each day
ignites with more fireworks every time she is around him.

The first day Jewell stood up to Benjamin, he knew he had to hire her to work for the
company. She was mesmerizing and sexy and fluent in sign language. That alone was a
huge asset. What he never expected was for his world to begin to crumble, and Jewell
to be an even bigger part of his life. Is he willing to finally break down that wall and allow
her to enter into his life forever?

The chemistry burns between the two characters in this book. When Ben went to her
apartment to apologize, the scene was extremely touching especially when he told her
that he knew she would never do anything that was rumored.  When Victoria had the
emotional talk with Jewell confiding personal issues to her, I could feel the love on the
pages. When Ben heard the news about his sister, I could feel his pain and it brought
tears to my eyes.

All I can say is Nora Roberts look out. Gail Delaney has a way of writing that is intense
and spellbinding as the words make the characters come alive. This was an excellent
book that should be on the New York Times seller list. Ms. Delaney is an incredible
writer. Which writes with style and grace that touches the heart, and leaves you wishing
for more to read. The book is definitely a keeper.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance