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ISBN# (13) 978-0-451-22541-2/(10) 0-451-22541-4
September 2, 2008
Signet Eclipse/Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014
336 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Vivian Roussel is an importer of Russian artifacts. She and her brother own a shop where they sell the items they import. She also happens to be a werecat from the Maine Coon cats and the descendant of a demigoddess.

Pavel Federov is a Russian Blue werecat and has immigrated from Russia to escape the pain of losing his wife. A surveillance expert by trade, he enjoys his work and being able to help people, werecats and humans alike.

When the leader of the Maine Coon cats makes a move on Vivian, she is stunned since she has never thought of him in that way, and really has no interest in seeing him that way now. When on the heels of the surprising revelation, Vivian is nearly kidnapped, it is all she can do to try and find her bearings. Discovering someone tried to kidnap her brother Marc at the same time makes both siblings highly suspicious. Due to the unusual circumstances Vivian, on the advice of the leader of her clan, calls Pavel’s security company and requests assistance. The attraction between Pavel and Vivian is immediate, and while Pavel suspects that Vivian is a werecat, he does not know for sure at first. As they get to know each other clues begin to appear. Their warehouse is rifled through, although it does not appear that anything has been taken, and they all wonder what the thieves were looking for. When Marc finds a priceless relic hidden in their warehouse, he is stunned to say the least, but at least they know now what the thieves were looking for. Eventually Pavel’s suspicions about Vivian are proved true and they begin a relationship even though it is frowned on for werecats to mate outside their clan. Will they stay together? Will they be able to safely return the relic to Russia? Can they outrun those who will do anything to get their hands on it?

Prey is the best kind of werecat romance! I truly enjoyed reading about Vivian and her strong personality. I loved how independent she was, and how she was not willing to take any guff from any man no matter who he was. The world building is extraordinary and the author wrote the werecat universe with plenty of details giving the reader a bird’s-eye view. I liked how protective of Vivian Pavel was, but how he still respected her as an equal and was willing to step aside when she asked him to. Ms. Morel did a fantastic job of describing the stolen Russian icon, and what it meant to the Russian people. Also, Russia after the fall of Communism is realistically described too, which just added to world building in a positive way. The love between Pavel and Vivian is very real, and I really enjoyed reading about this couple. This is a keeper folks, and one you definitely do not want to miss!

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