ISBN #1-931742-89-8
Treble Heart Books
E-Book/Trade-size Paperback
320 Pages
Mainstream Romance

When Kim’s parents are murdered, the teenager is saved from homelessness by the
family chauffeur, Bryan. No longer in a world of crystal and chandeliers, she finds herself
in a world of dust and chaos with the working class Hanoi when she goes to live with
Bryan and his family. When Bryan proposes marriage to Kim so he can take his
daughter to live in the States, Kim accepts. But will the marriage soon lead to something
more than one of convenience, or cause more sorrow for Kim?

Bryan bears scars from being abandoned by his American father when the GI’s pull out
of Vietnam. When Kim loses her parents, he is her only hope. Even though she will add
more of a hitch to his complicated life, she needs help.  He also knows if he proposes to
Kim, he has an outlet with a complete family when he enters the U.S. Can he forget his
troubled past and start a new life with Kim?

I enjoyed this book. It gives much thought to what others have to endure in another land.
Kim struggles with her emotional ties as well as her feelings for Bryan while he tries to
overcome his past. When he confessed how he had been falling in love with Kim ever
since her father asked him to watch over her, I could not help but feel the love that had
grown all the years inside his heart. I could practically feel the tightening in Kim’s heart
when she heard how he truly felt about her.

This book will touch your heart and have you grabbing for tissues. Ms. Mano weaves a
story that makes you want to read more of her writing. I did not want to put the book
down. I look forward to reading her other books.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance