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ISBN#: (10)0758223587/(13)9780758223586
August 2008
Brava, Kensington Publishing Company
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
$14.00 U.S./$16.95 Canada
320 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Joan Benjamin is the average, ordinary girl trying to make a living. The secretary is about to enter an identity crisis when she has some bad news dropped in her lap.

Louise is her high school girlfriend who offers comfort. She has been happy since her marriage after high school.

Carrie, another good friend, is always direct and to the point. She believes it is best the scum Michael is out of Joan's life.

Joan was living the okay life, preparing to enter marriage, when out of the blue, her fiance, Michael, marries someone named Jennifer. Dumped and left rejected, Joan is surprised. Not only has Michael become her ex, she loses her job and suffers an identity crisis. Why do all the Jennifers end up getting the better things in life? She should have known something was awry after seeing the lovely Jennifer hitting it off with Michael's mother. Joan sets out to change her lifestyle with the help of Carrie and Louise, her loyal friends. The three are like three musketeers but once the plan goes into motion, for Joan to become a Jennifer, will she accept the change, or learn that sometimes even Jennifers have bad days? Will Carrie and Louise be able to help her with this new transition or will Joan learn sometimes being one's self is the best gift in life?

I found Project Jennifer delightful. Once I started turning the pages, it was hard to put down. Joan has just about a little bit of every woman in each of her traits that she tries to endure. I liked the way Jill Amy Rosenblatt tells the story of Joan and allows the reader to plunge in and share a part of Joan's life. There were times when Joan was reminiscing pieces of Michael that made me feel as if she were in the room with me sharing a conversation. This story has such believable little parts; I almost felt as if Joan were my sister and needed a shoulder to cry on. Even Louise and Carrie were genuine. Of the two, I liked Carrie's forthright character. She was fun. All in all this book was a great read.

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