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ISBN# (13) 978-0-7582-1681-6 /(10) 0-7582-1681-5
May 2008
Aphrodisia/Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Deandra is a woman who will do anything to get to the top. Having had a taste of the high life when young, which ended abruptly when her biological father passed away, she will do anything to regain what she has lost. She sets her sights on a wealthy man and determines she will marry him.

Marshall comes from old money, and he likes what he sees when he sees Deandra, but he is clueless about her past. Even so, he begins a relationship with her knowing that it will just be temporary because he has no ambition to settle down yet.

Connie grew up with money; her father, a well-known surgeon, her mother a socialite. She is in love with Marshall, but feels she can never have him, so instead she accepts second best with Victor.

Victor is Connie’s lover, but he is not what he appears to be. Like Deandra, he has a hidden agenda and will do whatever is necessary to forward it.

While Marshall can appreciate Deandra’s free spirit, it becomes apparent to him early on that if he does not keep an eye on her she could do some seriously embarrassing things. As time moves forward, and Deandra’s behavior becomes even more erratic, he begins having his doubts about their relationship and wondering about her past. Meanwhile, Connie is becoming very disenchanted with her lover Victor who has begun treating her in ways that are less than respectful. However, there is more to what is going on than anyone realizes. That is until Marshall’s mother has a private detective look into Deandra’s background and discovers the ultimate secret, hidden for years. Will this secret destroy what Deandra has found with Marshall? How will Connie, who discovers the secret affects her too, take it? Only time will tell.

Promiscuous is an enjoyable read with multi-faceted characters. I liked reading about the characters in this story because they are real. While some of the scenarios are rather sad, the way they are written is realistic. This novel shows quite graphically what can happen when a child slips through the cracks in our society and must learn to fend for herself as Deandra does. However, it also does a good job of showing that there is hope for Deandra in spite of her past and I really liked that. If you enjoy watching soap operas, you are going to enjoy Promiscuous.

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