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ISBN# 1897445519
August 2007
Champagne Books
162 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Emily Parker is tired of being sad and lonely. She has three beautiful children whom she loves more than anything, but she misses her husband terribly. She was crushed when he died two years ago, but now she is finally ready to move on. She just does not think there is a guy out there looking for a ready-made family.

David Callahan’s music is his life. He does not want to be tied down to a wife and especially not kids. This has always been his reason for not becoming emotionally attached to the women in his life. David would have never guessed that one night could alter his life in so many ways.

Emily is determined to have some fun with her friends on her birthday. They are taking her to watch a local band and with one look at the lead singer, her eyes never leave the stage. After the show her friend Mark introduces Emily to David, and by the end of the night she is pouring her heart out to him. The immediate attraction she feels for David leaves her breathless. She only hopes that when he finds out she has children he does not run for the hills. David learns right away that Emily is a widow with children. He has no intention of pursuing her, but his heart has different ideas. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot stay away. David and Emily both know that his music career is about to take off. They have to decide if their feelings for each other will be strong enough to survive the inevitable separations they will face. David is unsure of what the future will hold. He just knows that he has found the love of his life, and not even his music will keep him away from her. Emily has no intention of letting David forgo his dream, and is willing to keep her secret for as long as necessary. She never wants David to feel tied down, but can her heart ever heal if he decides to walk away?

This story really pulls at your heartstrings. Emily is first and foremost a mom, but she is also a woman. She takes a giant leap of faith when she gets involved with David. She loves him, but if he does not accept her children they have no future. Not too many men are willing to become instant fathers, and David had always considered himself one of those men. However he soon found himself head over heels for Emily and her kids. He could not imagine his future without them. They promised each other forever, and when things got tough their love saw them through. Ms. Goings pours the emotions into every page. This story is sad, sweet, and sensual all in one, and I enjoyed every word.

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