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ISBN#: 978-1585713349
November 2008
Genesis Press Indigo
PO Box 101, Columbus, MS 39703
Mass Market Paperback
304 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Renee Richards has been trying hard to overcome her family�s image of her as too impulsive. The young accountant has just been victimized by a boyfriend who has stolen her life savings and is now threatening her.

Craig Thompson is a very successful ad executive. His company is in trouble and for sale. An inheritance from his grandfather will give him the means to buy the company, but there are stipulations.

When Renee was twelve years old and her brother was dying, she promised his best friend Craig that she would marry him. Craig moved away not too long after that and she forgot about her promise. Now Craig needs a temporary wife to claim an inheritance and buy his ad agency and he remembers that promise. Renee has grown up to be beautiful and everything he could want in a wife, but a marriage based on lies is not what she deserves.

This is a wonderful love story with two subplots that keep things even more interesting. Craig and Renee are wonderful together, both strong minded individuals who value honesty and are torn by the lies they have to tell. Their attraction is very strong and the love scenes are very steamy. The two subplots of the dishonest banker and his cheating wife and the private investigator�s search for the con artist who took Renee�s money are both very involving and add a great deal of suspense to an already very good romance. Miss Lilly is a really great character and a bit of a fairy godmother to the couple. This is billed as an African-American themed story, but will appeal to all fans of this genre.

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