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ISBN: 1-60504-060-6
July 1, 2008
Samhain Publishing
288 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Lia knows her destiny, but wants nothing to do with it. Her life as a miner is not glamorous but she likes it anyway. She has friends and makes her own decisions. Her childhood was not the greatest, but she would rather stay where she is than live up to the Prophecy.

Talon hopes his wife is still alive. He has been searching for so long he starts to doubt that she is. His arranged marriage is not what most guys would agree to, but his wife will help end many years of war. Will he find her to be all he hopes for?

Lia does not want to rule two houses of people, even though it has been planned since her birth, until she sees Talon for the first time in many years. She sees what is driving the people and, at first, it is not enough to change her mind. She wants her freedom and independence. Danger is all around them as they return to their planet and the coronation date nears. She may have to trust Talon, which will not be easy because she was betrayed long ago. But this time, it may be the just thing to keep her alive.

Ms. Craven has a wonderful story on her hands. There are many emotions displayed in this book and I truly felt I got to know the characters. There were times I wanted to slap Talon up side the head but he slowly seems to get things. Lia is so head strong that these two are an interesting match. I could not put this story down! I hope there are more to this series because I would love to see what might happen to the rest of Talon’s family and to see how Lia and Talon do if children ever come into the picture.

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