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ISBN# -13: 978-0-06-085198-9
ISBN# -10: 0-06-085198-8
May 2006
HarperCollins Publishers
10East 53rd street, New York, NY 10022
Price: $21.95
308 Pages
Young Women Fiction
Rating 4 Cups

Lizzie Nichols’ life has just turned upside down; she has found out she did not graduate college. Her British boyfriend turned out to be a louse, she manages to tell all her problems to a complete stranger who turns out to be not a stranger and now she is in France with her big mouth running non-stop. What’s a girl to do?

Luke happens to be traveling back home to a Chateau in France for his cousin’s wedding. Along the way, he meets Lizzie who pours her heart out to him, not realizing who he really is. He is drawn to her because she is different, not at all like the girl he is dating. He also has some soul searching to do on what career choice to make. Should he become a doctor or stay in investment banking. Can Lizzie help him decide?

Lizzie, Luke and a few other friends are living it up in France for the summer. Too bad everything that can go wrong will. A ‘bridezilla’ with a ruined dress, a rich snobbish girlfriend, loads of secrets and much more including Lizzie and her mouth that always seems to get her in hot water.

Meg Cabot has definitely written a great piece of work. This is a book you will not want to put down. Each character is on their own journey of self-discovery and each character fits just amazingly perfect in their roles. The comedic way this story is told is very fitting. I can’t wait for the movie version.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books