ISBN: 1-4199-0432-9
January 2006
Cerridwen Press
210 Pages

Blaize Donovan knows she did not kill Richard, her fiancé, but there are clues that point
to it after a mysterious invitation to “The Play”. Everything is too bizarre with the contents
of the book written by Algernon Pierce, a horror writer that is creating an apocalyptic
script sure to be a disaster. And when her friend Joyce disappears, she has to find
answers. She finds solace in the heart of a man name Spyder.

Spyder Raines continues to dream of a certain woman. He cannot get her out of his
mind. When he meets Blaize, he falls hard for her and things heat up as unseen powers
begin to control their lives.

Joey has a mission in life. He is the child that will lead the people to a New World of
hope. His peers make sure he is well protected.

Algernon Pierce is set to finish the last book that will draw millions to follow the
prophecy. With the help of his young nephew, Joey, a new Messiah is soon to emerge.
But first he has to get the book to his publisher or have his poison words already
reached their source?

Blaize and Spyder must stop the poison-penned book and the cult before it gets out of
hand. Mother Moon gathers many in her cult promising a new Messiah. She realizes
people are seeking a new revelation in their lives. Joey is the perfect choice for the
mission. Blaize and Spyder must stop the publication before the terrible prophecy
hypnotizes and creates pandemonium. Blaize meets Spyder, a man who insists on
helping her find the answers and putting a stop not only to the book, but the cult. Blaize
and Spyder face much danger as they rush to stop the book’s publication.

Rage is loaded with intense roller coaster action. I never anticipated the outcome. L. B.
Milano has penned a most incredible book read. Strong, riveting, and non-stop drama
all folded within the wonderful cast of well-rounded characters makes this a remarkable

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance