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ISBN: 978-1-60659-084-3
December 2008
104 Pages
Erotic Romance / Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Jaenna is honored to serve her people, the Kalchu, as a slave until she becomes the property of Oraz. She is very well versed in the arts of seduction, but Oraz thrives on pain and degradation.

Becoming Lord of Thermanae was not what Nikos envisioned for his future, but his brother’s death changed everything. Now it is his responsibility to bring the rains and prosperity to Thermanae in the Soranian Empire.

Jaenna is running for her life after she discovers how truly evil Oraz is. She is a runaway slave with no home and no honor, but the Soranians take her in like she is one of their own. Nikos’ desire to leave Thermanae for the city life wanes considerably with the arrival of Jaenna. She is nothing like the refined and sophisticated women of Poldar, but her unwavering faith in him and his people only heightens the attraction he has for her.

Rain At Midsummer is wonderfully romantic and sensual. The eroticism is quite light and used sparingly throughout. The depth of the characters and plot is somewhat limited, but their story is enjoyable and pleasing to read. Ms. Roberts is a very talented storyteller, and her sultry desert lovers are a prime example.

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