ISBN # 1-55316-117-3
June 2005
LTD Publishing
196 Pages

Ken Conner is a detective in search of a bloodthirsty monster. A monster that comes out
of the ground every hundred years to carry off a human child. He recalls the tales that his
grandmother told of the horrible beast. Now he must locate the monster before it strikes
again but the closer he gets, the less the town believes him. Can he save the young
boy's life in time, or will the boy’s mother continue to disbelieve him?

Sandy Mathers is a divorced mother with a young child she is trying to raise. When Ken
starts to follow her around causing much concern for her and her son, she tries to avoid
the man like the plague. When he approaches her and shows his badge, telling her
about the beast he is searching for, she finds his story unbelievable. It is when her son is
trapped by the monster that she finally trusts him, but is it too late to save her son?

I absolutely loved the suspense in this story. I enjoyed the part where Ken told himself he
would have to remember to look the creature in the eye and never get distracted. It
showed that even though he was a detective, he was still human and feelings could
shadow his thoughts. A very well written horror story that will have you wondering if Ken
will be able to stop the creature before it strikes again.  

Mr. Crossett writes with great suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. His
writing is loaded with thrilling excitement with each flip of the page. He puts you in the
seat where all the action is as your heart pounds. He makes each character appear
realistic. A truly incredible writer and a superb storyteller.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance