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ISBN # 1-55410-738-5
December 2006
Extasy Books
198 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Natasha is a college student that works a retail job and was not particularly outgoing. She was an orphan, but making her own way in life. She was innocent to the ways of the world and even about relationships. It was probably why she fell so hard for Sophia, so fast.

Sophia seems sophisticated and has money, is confident, and draws Natasha to her with a natural attraction. But she is involved with a group that is not above using violence to get what they want, and her ties pull Natasha in too.

Natasha thinks that Sophia just met her accidentally; that she actually liked her artwork, that she actually liked her. It is not until much later that her motivation for contriving the meeting comes out, and it was not purely attraction. Soon both Sophia and Natasha are deeply entrenched in a dangerous game that threatens their lives if they try to escape. Going to the police seems impossible when the people you want to turn in are willing to kill to keep from going to jail.

Written in first person point of view, this story was surprisingly refreshing. It was also essential to the pacing of the book and the plot development, since third person would have potentially revealed too much information about the conflict and developing conspiracy. It was a very well written story with an interesting multi-layered plot. It was fantastic watching Natasha’s character evolve and seeing her grow as a person throughout the whole ordeal. The more you read, the more you cannot put Redefined down.

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