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ISBN: 978-0-45122-3067
March 4, 2008
NAL Praise, a division of Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Trade Paperback
304 pages
Inspirational/Christian Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Marin Alexander is doing her best to prove herself to everyone she knows. She never felt truly loved as a child and now that is coming back to test her will. Meeting Warner Brice has set her head spinning. Always believing she was raised as a Christian, she has a lot to learn. Doubting her ability to be a good pastor’s wife has her chasing things she never thought she would. She has to figure out what is more important to her before she loses her last chance to get things back and she will have to lean on a faith in God that she never knew she had.

Warner Brice is a man who listens to God. He sees Marin and knows that she is the wife God has planned for his life. He is steadfast through everything that they go through grasping to the promises he has come to realize for his life. He feels he is truly blessed and that things will go well for them. The journey that he will go on will be no walk in the park but it will only be gotten through with his faith intact.

Everyone thinks Warner has completely lost his mind when he starts to date Marin Alexander. When they marry, he is not sure what to think since his own sister is not sure about his decision. He relies on God to help him through. Marin, even though she loves the spotlight, knows she has some growing up to do. Motherhood is something she is surprised to enjoy but even that does not keep her doubts from resurfacing. Marin reaches out for some comfort in the wrong spot. She threatens her family and marriage along with her life. Now she must figure out how to do the one thing she never thought possible to seek God’s face for help to see her through the most difficult struggle of her life.

The things that life may test us with are definitely presented in this book in a way that is understandable. It can just sneak up on a person without any realization that anything has happened. I was not surprised at how the whole thing started for Marin. She is a woman who is used to attention after all. Yet it all started so innocently for her that led her to start drugs. Ms. Thomas tells a tale that can be easy to relate to in the simple fact that we all fall short of the dreams we might have. Now, that is not saying that it is bad, we might actually learn something out of it. The characters in this story could be set in any time and the message would not change. I enjoyed the book since it is a subject that is often talked about but rarely written. Ms. Thomas shows great understanding of the human nature. If you are looking for a morally well-written story, this is one book that I would recommend!

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