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March 13, 2007
Aphrodite’s Apples
225 Pages
Erotic Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Rose Among the Heather by Jennifer Mueller

Duke Edward Sinclair, Duke of Cairnmuir has a hard time erasing the war from his memory. He had the harsh duty of informing the families of the sons who died in the war. After spending two years in Spain and France, he does not wish to attend any ball, but his mother insists he should find a suitable woman to wed. Miss Rose Beaufort is English, visiting a friend in Edinburgh. When she shares a place with Edward at the dinner table, she sees something in him that even his family cannot see. Her husband, Graham, fought in the peninsula war but when he returned he was not the same person but after fighting in Waterloo, she lost him. Rose seeks to comfort Edward while unleashing her own painful memories. Rose had been unable to shed a tear for months after losing Graham, and being thrown on every eligible bachelor never took away her grief. Now drawn to Edward, it is a welcome embrace they both act upon and delight, until his mother’s interfering tries to put a stop to their romance.

Jennifer Mueller allows the reader to get a feel of the refreshing characters and embrace all their expressions. The chemistry, the attraction and even the dialogue act like a magnet pulling the reader into the ambience of the whole circumstances. The passion is so remarkably romantic that it makes the heart leap with elated joy in a poignant tale that flows consistently.

Laudanum by Nikki Watson

Frederick Barrington has learned to harden his heart from hurtful slurs. He is quite popular among the rich, and able to be a regular at Madam Moon’s Establishment for Respectable Ladies. Moon has a new girl that might suit Frederick. She only goes by Selina, and the more Moon speaks of her, the more curious Frederick becomes. Selina is really Juliana Williams, who is trying to escape her old life. Frederick gets the impression she is not ready, so he informs Moon to call when she is prepared. A few days later, he requires her services for two days, something that Juliana is not looking forward to. Frederick takes Juliana and becomes the master to her and his servant boy, Isaac. As time passes, a man from her past arrives claiming he has ownership over her. Juliana fears she will never escape. Frederick is faced with taking matters into his hands if he plans to keep his lovely sex kitten.

Nikki Watson pens an erotic romance that captivates and interacts with alluring characters that dance within the pages. She engages the reader with a stunning journey that feels realistic at every turn. Juliana has heart and her emotions are believable in this story. Frederick has a certain enigma that keeps the reader spellbound especially when he is in the same room with Juliana and Isaac in this intriguing story.

Of Licorice and Decadence by Katrina Strauss

Klauss von Alstyne has been bothered by a new composition but each time he prepares to play the piece, nothing happens, and he gets the feeling inspiration has left him. Now at the age of 24, he wonders if his career has seen the short wick of a candle. When he shares a moment of passion with Nicolette Neville, a lovely stage beauty, he seeks to share one more. It appears that being with Nicolette he has no troubling striking any chords and dispensing musical notes. She sings from the heart and her greatest stage production is to perform only for Klauss.

Katrina Strauss has a wonderful theme in this storyline. The music can almost be heard, as Klauss and Nicolette become great individuals in their actions. With an affectionate passion, not only exciting and breathtaking, this read strikes a delicious chord straight to the soul.

Unspeakable by Kayleigh Jamison

Trevor Caufield, dastardly rake, is in a foul mood. He grows tired of others scheming for him to marry. After meeting Emma, he finds her quite alluring. Caroline, sister to Emma, informs Trevor, Emma is a mute, cannot hear a thing. Trevor does not care and seeks to pursue her. He does not approve of the harshness that her family inflicted on her. Trevor has never felt so much love for one woman. Emma Hatton is a mute and an embarrassment to her family. She is never allowed outside the estate under any circumstances. Her imagination is vibrant and her first encounter with Trevor she wonders how she can explain she cannot speak but once they embrace there is no need for words.

This story took me by storm. Kayleigh Jamison tells a beautiful story of love with a handsome rake and a lovely mute. It was filled with tender sensual passion and rousing sensations that capture the heart. I could see the expressions and feel the intense emotions.

At the Lady's Discretion by Emma Wildes

William Westfield, the seventh Duke of Hartley, quite a sophisticated gent, finds Louisa Drury fascinating and passionate but grows tired of her dictating in their relationship. She can certainly quench his every thirst. Louisa is not looking for romance. She only has a liaison with William, her lover, and he does not dictate over her body. When she brings a woman lover into her midst, William is excited to be in the same room with two women enjoying sexual fantasies but Louise sets the terms at her discretion.

Emma Wildes delivers spirited and strong characters in this read. The heat raises a notch as Lucy and William find a bond that only strengthens the love they share for the other in this riveting tale.

Regency Romp is a collection of splendid tales by talented authors that cleverly instill some romance that touch the heart, gets the juices flowing and spin passion that sweeps the pages magnificently. Bravo to these outstanding ladies in this most gratifying read.

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