ISBN: 1-59836-092-2
January 2006
Venus Press
Price: $6.98
200 Pages


To love and be loved, a man, a woman on a bridge, a picture, and a memory of Annabel
Lee. Thus goes the first story of two who meet on a bridge, one young, one old but
destined to be together in another place, another time as their desires take flight with a
plunge over a bridge into a watery grave forever to be one.

This is an enchanting read of learning discovery of ages and love!


After Ophelia’s divorce, she finds solace in an unlikely source with her mother-in-law
who offers her not only the key to the apartment so she will stay, but also a partnership
that will last forever.

Sometimes a great friendship and good impressions reap excellent rewards. This is a
priceless tale!

Hot Game  

What happens at a military base during happy hour? Exciting, sizzling fantasies with
people counting points and discovering new ways of sexual fun and games that
stimulate the mind in more ways than one.

This story is very invigorating!


Alpha Male and Beta Girl meet in a car when she needs a ride; conversations spurt like
a fast game of ping-pong that leads to any form of talk keeping it rolling along. When the
drive is over, Beta Girl gets out of the car and agrees to meet again for another ultimate
date scenario.

I absolutely loved the dialogue and the rapid frenzy these two characters exhibited! They
held the story together.

Basket Ball  

When a racist and a lesbian join forces, it leads to a great opportunity for him to change
and coach a ball game and her to make new discoveries, as they learn about race,
preferences, and choices that can make the world a better place to live.

A good thought provoking read that teaches a lesson!


The cabin said man/man roommate, not man/woman. Skip ends up with a woman that
does not speak English. Left with no way to communicate but in a Tarzan/Jane way, he
finds love and money as the tables are turned on him.

This story had me spellbound until the end. It is delightful and well worth the read!

For Real  

Hal lacks a girlfriend in college until they enforce a program where the students have a
bonding partner. Hal and Halina both learn from each other and become better people
in the long run.

The author creates quite a different approach of attraction in this story making it almost
believable. A nice flowing story!


When a mother calls upon her daughter to help take care of her grandfather, too much
time is spent away from home having the mother to question her father’s behavior.

A lesson well learned about first impressions and making the wrong judgment in this
story that is a definite must read!

Dragon Girl  

Finding bones and a chip like those in recorders. When a dragon comes to a young girl’
s rescue, after losing her parents will one tiny microchip really reveal to authorities that
dragons exit?

Sometimes we need an escape whether someone or something that is there for us or
the imaginary. To those who believe, anything can happen and this creative fantasy read
is the perfect fairy tale!


A wife cannot understand why her husband would turn to a prostitute for change. But
when the wife learns it is for zestful variety, she sets out to create her own enticing sex.

This story was quite an eye opener and an interesting story!  


A good editor can make a book its absolute best; too bad the genius cannot make the
writer from turning into an obnoxious individual.

This story was a sweet read that makes one think about editors!


A rape left Rina cold. A bully must learn to change and show her how to love with no

This story is an inspirational experience about two people finding emptiness in their life!

Relationships reflect on twelve assortments of tales about human interactions. Each
story carries its own merit where the characters make choices, learn valuable lessons or
find love. The stories are indeed incredibly penned and some thought provoking.
Wonderfully written, this selection of fantastic reads should not be missed.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books