ISBN 1-933400-07-2
March 2005
89 Pages
Science Fiction

Vieve sees mysterious creatures that she suspects are monsters in her bedroom. When
she tells her mother, her mother only says there are no such things. Thus begins a
journey for Vieve. The creatures become a part of her life, following her everywhere. As
she grows older, she trains herself to watch for others. A white van and men dressed in
black always follow her. One man in particular, Martin, gives her a heated rush setting
her insides on fire. Is he the man who can finally release her from the demons and set
her free, or will he be her downfall?

Martin dresses in black and comes to the deli to keep an eye on Vieve. He is a strange
man who scouts out those that need to be taken care of, so to speak. Aliens need to be
stomped out, and he has a duty to ensure safety. One thing is certain, he enjoys keeping
an eye on Vieve, but is he really who he claims to be or an alien himself?

I got goose bumps whenever I read Men in Black, and Gathering a Lantern. I could
almost imagine a presence in the room. Each time that Vieve would encounter the white
van, I felt her panic. Whenever her thoughts were centered on Martin, I kept wishing they
would get together and things would work out for her.

Ms. Swaim writes with a flare taking you inside her thoughts and right into the story. It is
like you experience the same thing as it happens to the characters in the book. This
story almost had a life-like feeling, putting you right in the center of the action. It is a
book that will make you think. A top-notch, fast-paced book that I could not put down.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance