ISBN 1-59279-380-0
June 4, 2005.  
Amber Quill Press
27 pages
Short futuristic erotica

A young woman taken in as a child by the pious sisters of the moon is forced to live a
life of solitude and sacrifice. For years she escapes her mundane existence by living for
the night time. One night, under the romantic light of the moon, she meets a beautiful
man she believes is her destiny.

Benar, a disciple of the Sun God, has seen a vision of Reena in a sacred pond. He
waits for her to come to him every night. After Reena surrenders her heart and body to
Benar, she wants to go with him. Benar tells her that this is impossible. She must return
to her lonely existence. However, unknown to Reena, her true destiny was decided long
ago. A destiny, once revealed, will threaten to tear her away from the man she loves

Renna’s Sacrifice is a delightful story, well paced, and beautifully written. Its romantic
charm intertwines delicately with the steamy sex, and will leave you feeling quite
satisfied as a reader.  

Laura Davis
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books