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ISBN# Paperback-978-1-59426-482-5/E-book-978-1-59426-481-8
August 2007
Mundania Press
6470 A Glenway Ave. #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211-5222
Trade Paperback / E-Book
200 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Lani Jorgenson is the dutiful daughter of a preacher in 1840. Her life up until her 21st birthday was much like that of any other young woman of the time. The night of her birthday she died, only to be reborn as a vampire.

David Forrester is a struggling journalist during the 1960’s. Meeting Lani at a party would change the course of his life. His love for her was only tempered by his need to rid her from the face of the earth.

Lani awakes to the stark realization that she is no longer among the living. Her life is now centered on one thing, and that is the need to feed. She must travel constantly to avoid the rumors and speculation that surrounds the dead she leaves behind. Her sexual appetite is almost as ferocious as her thirst, and meeting David is the first time she feels the need for more. Leaving him alive may cost her everything, but she loves him. Lani has taken thousands of lives, but David is the one she has never been able to kill. Will he slay the monster, or will he become her mate throughout the afterlife.

This is a vampire story with a much more realistic and brutal approach. The harshness of Lani’s existence is a constant that makes her character believable if not quite likeable. David’s character is not as fully detailed, and their love/hate relationship seems almost an afterthought. The past and present flow of the story does tend to confuse, but it builds the depth of Lani’s character. I found Lani’s inner struggle with her humanity to be the most intriguing part of this story.

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