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ISBN# 987-1-934678-29-9
November 15, 2007
Tease Publishing, LLC
P.O. Box 234 Swansboro N.C. 28584-0234
E-Book and Print
$4.99 E- Book/$12.99 Print
90 Pages
Historical Inspirational Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Summer Sweetwater does not have the best reputation in town. Since the bank has taken everything from them, the town calls them squatters. She must trade jewelry that belonged to her mother for medicine for her ailing Pa.

Isaiah McCready, Mac, claims to be a prophet. He tries to console Summer after seeing her unjustly treated wrong. Most importantly, he needs Summer to become his wife.

Summer has a hard time living in Shady Creek. Everyone talks about Jesus but none really profess his true works. Because of her father’s sins, the town shuns her believing she is cursed. Mac believes God sent him to Shady Creek for a reason. He wants to help Summer after seeing how the shopkeeper treats her. He is able to retrieve her mother’s keepsakes and return them to her. Summer does not wish to tarnish Mac by being seen together. He proposes marriage but she does not accept. Unless he weds he cannot own the land he rents. Summer refuses until she learns the peril that waits her Pa over a debt. Accepting Mac’s invitation could help, if she will learn to trust.

Restoring Water is a skillfully told story. Summer is a sweet girl that has to live with such terrible hypocrisy from a town that could learn about casting stones. She has so much to offer but thanks to her low self-esteem she seems to lock things away. I am glad she and Mac find each other and try to work through their problems together. A.D. Roland tells a good tale about love, hate, friendship, and those that really have the love in their hearts for one another to go that extra mile. With some heartache along the way, this inspired story shows how true and honest love can really move any mountain.

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