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ISBN#: 9781897445310
September 2008
Champagne Books
170 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Simone Carr works in the billing department of RusExm, a company with government contracts. She has completed her degree in computers and forensics, but has not moved on because she wants to remain close to her late parents’ best friends.

Beau Arneaux has always wanted to be an FBI agent like his father Claude, and the Texas Trooper now has the opportunity. Unfortunately, one of the suspects is a childhood friend.

One night Simone is asked to run a series of reports for her supervisor. As is usual, she keeps a hard copy for her files. That night the office is ransacked and her supervisor killed. Her files and the ones her father hid before he was murdered are the only things keeping members of the Russian Mob out of prison, and they want the files and Simone silenced. Her childhood friend Beau is the only one keeping her safe, but even he is keeping some vital secrets from her.

I really enjoyed this story. It is full of action and suspense and some very memorable characters. Simone and Beau have some pretty powerful chemistry, but lack of trust causes some conflicts. I really liked her Ranger friend Max and his sense of humor and the way he gave Beau a deserved hard time. Claude is a great father figure and Vale a good friend. The bad guys are rather obvious, except for one, which makes his revelation all the more surprising, and this adds to the excitement of the climax. With romance and suspense in equal parts, I found this one very hard to put down.

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