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ISBN# (10): 0263854477 / (13): 978-0373039708
August 2007
Harlequin Romance (Mill & Boon Romance)
Eton House, 18-24 Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SR
256 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ivo Greenville never makes promises he cannot keep. It is an inviolable rule of the house and one thing he never likes is to be disturbed. When his wife, Belle, appears to be going down a different path, he may have to change his lifestyle.

Belle Davenport holds down a job in television. Belle would never have chosen the assignment to spend ten days cycling over the Himalayas, with friends and instant soul-mates, Claire and Simone, just on impulse. Outwardly each of the women had everything, but inwardly they had a hidden need. For Belle, going to the Himalayas was something she needed to do. One thing she hates is the distance between her and Ivo. There is no longer any tenderness or small talk between them. She chooses to tell him it is over.

Ivo had spent his time watching her on moments on the TV, fearing she was changing and slowly moving away from him. When he surprises her with a lovely necklace, he is the one surprised to hear she wishes for them to part their ways. Belle needs Ivo to discuss things with her but he does not appear to show any interest in her world. She longs to be held in his arms, as he holds her close for comfort, but Ivo finds it hard to express his feelings. Belle is glad she has her friends to confide. It is not easy for Ivo to tell Belle not to leave and Belle will not allow him to use her weakness to halt her leaving. If they wish to make a go of their lives, they must confront their past, to have any courage to find their way back to each other.

Reunited: Marriage in a Million is a moving story about one woman’s struggle on a discovery to find herself. It is the first book in a trilogy that shares the adventures of three heroines as they disclose their secrets to each other. Belle wants so much to shake off her television persona and be the person that desperately wishes to be free inside. Ivo’s character, at times, made me a bit sad. The scene with the necklace almost made me cry. He does love Belle but he also struggles with his inner feelings. Liz Felding creates lovable characters that grow on the reader. They have faults, weaknesses, and at times, are even strong-willed, but throughout it all they stick together. This smooth flowing read is like a breath of fresh air and one I will not forget.

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