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ISBN# 1-58608-969-2
November 2006
New Concepts Publishing
201 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Elaine Shrink is just that. She is just starting out in her own practice, or she would have never taken on Seth Overkill as a patient. He takes OCD to a new level and insists that Elaine treat him after hours at his home. Sure, he is very cute, but she thinks that he might just be beyond her abilities.

Seth’s obsessive behavior has been getting worse since the death of his wife. The Prince of the Vampires is in danger of losing everything and causing the end of the world if he cannot get his act together by Reckoning Day. He needs Elaine as both a psychiatrist and Ayudante, vampire protector, to help him.

The Day of Reckoning approaches and the Prince of Darkness, Seth Overkill, must overcome both psychiatric problems and a challenge within his organization to prevent the end of the world. He asks the hereditary Ayudante, Elaine, to help him, and finds himself falling in love, which is strictly forbidden.

Ms. Bright combines suspense and laughter deftly in this story. An obsessive compulsive master vampire is a true touch of genius here. Seth is a wonderful character; a strong man so overcome with guilt that he compensates with little rituals that gradually get out of control. Elaine is the classic good girl; always trying to be perfect to earn her mother’s love. After her mother’s actions, I wonder why she bothered. Mina is beautiful and power mad and I loved the truly bizarre slayer, George, but the Day of Reckoning is the most exciting part of the book. Ms. Bright’s new take on vampire romance is just as good as her other work.

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