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  The Acro Series

Book 1 - Riding the Storm

Book 2 - Unleashing the Storm

Book 3 - Seduced by the Storm

Book 4 - Taming the Fire

Book 5 - Tempting the Fire

ISBN# Paperback-(10)038534080X/ (13)9780385340809 / E-book-(10)0440337186/ (13)9780440337188
August 28, 2007
Bantam Dell (A Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

T-Remy Begnaud finds the Navy the best way out of the bayou and the hardest thing he does is join the SEALS, but leaving them has been harder. He cares deeply for his dad, Remy Senior, but cannot believe he rented his house out to a woman for six months.

Haley Marie Holmes is on assignment in the Louisiana Bayou to find the man that stands up to Mother Nature while trying to control the fury in the storm. She never expected T-Remy standing right outside the shower to cause a tornado to dance over her body.

Remy is just as surprised to find a woman in the shower as Haley is to find him ordering her to get out. One quick glimpse tells her, from the photo in the dossier the agency has given her; it is the uniformed SEAL, Remy. The man who shares her May third birthday, has an allergy to chocolate, eats anything with shrimp, and is sending heat through her, is standing inches away. As a meteorologist, she studies the ecological aftereffects of hurricanes. Haley must make sure Remy never knows he is part of a sanctified study by the government to help harness the gift he has with the storms. Remy has been known to summon lightning and even emerge from the center of a F5 tornado, not to mention passionately make love to a woman insatiably during a storm. Haley knows about extraordinary weather phenomena and coming up with a plan to get closer to Remy is on her chart. Neither expected being in the swamp bayou being so delightful. For years, she substituted her career for a man and now Remy fills her every desire, making her feel more than just a meteorologist, but if someone has their way, neither may live to see the light of day. Someone wants Remy badly, even if it means going through his father.

Riding the Storm is one powerful scorching ride. The reader can practically feel the anticipation of the storm building, not only outside but with the dynamite duo of Haley and Remy. Their emotions grip the reader. This page-turner grabs and holds, not letting go until the end. T-Remy and Haley sizzle with a passion that will be remembered long after the book is done. I absolutely adored this couple. The whole plot was awesome and kept me intrigued throughout. Sydney Croft crafts a spellbinding read that puts the reader right in the center of the storm, with absorbing characters, and a non-stop thriller, as two people try to control their own raging storm.

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