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ISBN#: 9780060885700
May 5, 2009
HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing
266 pages
Teen (12 and up)
Rating: 4 cups

All of her life, Chloe Rodriguez has known she was adopted. She has a great family, but she is beginning to have questions. Losing her uncle Seth to leukemia has brought her fears and concerns to the surface.

Rock Nunez is Chloe's best friend. He sleeps on her front porch, eats meals with her family... he is always around. He has lots of girls at his beck and call, but he is in love with Chloe.

When life gets tough for Chloe, she hops on the motorcycle her uncle left her, Lolita. She allows Chloe to just be. Chloe's chemistry grade is threatening her relationship with Lolita. Chloe begins tutoring sessions with a hot geeky tutor, Gordon, and love blooms. It does not make Rock happy because Chloe refuses to see him as anything more than her best friend. When Chloe's life becomes complicated, she turns to her best friend for support.

Chloe is the typical teenager. She is fun-loving and carefree one minute, then serious and full of worry the next. Rock, on the other hand, is a bit too promiscuous for a twelve year old reader, but Ms. Triana only comments on the number of girls he is with, not the act itself. I appreciate the way the author makes the "bad boy" the sweet, caring, sensitive one. This is a wonderful story dealing with some of the typical concerns of being a teenager. Thank you, Ms. Triana, for writing a book that most teen girls can relate to.

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