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ISBN# 1-60154-087-6
July 2007
The Wild Rose Press
234 Pages
Crimson Rose-Mystery/Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

Kaycee Morgan is a professional dog breeder who also shows her dogs. She has been having things happen that have made it clear to her that someone wants to hurt her. She cannot imagine who that could be or why though.

Blake Corbin owns his own investigative agency. He investigates fraud and other types of crimes committed online. However, when one of his father’s old friends calls and asks him to investigate what has been happening to his daughter Kaycee he is only to happy to help.

When Blake and Kaycee meet for the first time the sparks immediately fly. Each feels strong emotions for the other from that very first meeting. As the violence against Kaycee and everything and everyone she loves escalates, Blake knows he will do anything to protect Kaycee and ferret out the threat against her. However, Kaycee does not know Blake is there to investigate what is happening to her, and when she finds out after they consummate their love, she runs, swearing all to secrecy. Blake is desperate to find her not just because there is a madman after her, but because he loves her.

Ring Shy is now on my keeper list! Ms. George does a fantastic job of explaining the world of dog shows for anyone who is a novice. All of the characters including the bad guys are realistically drawn. The emotional lovemaking and the theme of love at first sight make this a stellar read. The suspense is well drawn out and the clues written in such as way to keep the reader guessing until the very last page. I am greatly looking forward to reading Ms. George’s other books, and highly recommend this one!

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