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ISBN# 1601540531
March 2007
The Wild Rose Press
232 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Celeste was being held against her will on the Black Moth as it sails the seas of England. Abused and in desperate need to break free of her captors, she’s garnered the sympathy of a pirate that accompanied her capture. Her only escape was into the sea upon which the Black Moth sailed. Rescued after being thrown overboard, she now has to face the turbulent weather of the moors. She decides that she will not escape her fate and resolves to die there.

Darby, Earl of Hawkridge, and his driver are traveling through the moors when their horse notices an object nearby. Believing it to be a dead animal, Darby goes over to inspect. Surprised to find a woman lying there, she is brought to the carriage and taken to Darby’s home to recuperate.

When Celeste awakens, panic strikes her. She is alive. She does remember her recent terrible ordeal, but she does not remember her past. What she clearly recalls is the face of her abuser, which explains her fear of Darby, the man who rescued her from death. There is something familiar about Darby. Darby doesn’t trust the beautiful stranger he rescued. She has a mysterious locket that looks very familiar to him. In the revealing of its origins and significance, Darby and Celeste are taken on a journey of treason, murder, lies, and of course, love.

Have you ever been in love and had to deal with political treason, identity theft and gypsies? No? Then you need to read Ripples in the Water. This book is an undeniable page turner. With its various plots (political treason, rivalry and Celeste’s past) there is never a dull chapter. This books blends in each subplot masterfully to explain the main conflict of the story. I found myself relishing the mystery that prevails in this book as well as enjoying the deeply intense romance between the lovers. Celeste and Darby are two characters that at times you root for and at other times you despise. Wow, sounds a lot like love.

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