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ISBN# 978-1-59632-438-1
February 2007
Loose Id, LLC
20 Pages
BDSM Contemporary
Rating: 4 cups

Alex is tough policewoman by day, and a submissive by night. She is in love with Cole, who is not only her partner at work, but also her lover.

Cole is a dominant and Alex’s partner. He loves the fact that Alex can bust balls at work, and then be a submissive to his dom at night.

When Alex decides she wants to switch roles for one night, Cole is not so sure he can play along. Cole is a dom by nature; it is a part of who he is, so suddenly switching and being submissive is not the easiest thing for him. Even Alex begins to have doubts as to her ability to play the role she has assigned herself. Will this couple be able to pull it off and give each other a taste of the other side? Or will they revert to their regular roles?

The Switch is an erotic read meant to be savored page by page. I loved reading about Alex trying on the role of the dominant for a change. At first, knowing she was a cop, I did not think that it would be so hard for her, but surprisingly it was. Cole’s reactions to the entire situation were humorous, and I got a kick out of trying to figure out if he was going to be up to the challenge. The sex is sizzling and makes this story well worth the read as you try to figure out just how far this couple is willing to draw out the sexual tension before one of them snaps. Ms. Anderson is one of my favorite authors, and I gladly recommend any of her books for your reading pleasure!

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