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November 2004
ISBN# 1876962968
Writer’s Exchange E-publishing
204 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Hugh Ryan is an employee of the Transport Management Centre in Brussels, Belgium. The TMC monitors and controls all traffic inside of Brussels. Not an exciting job but one that Hugh likes and does well.

Wellens was the owner of a large service company located in Brussels. He has made a fortune on illegal activities, even training his employees and paying them handsomely to complete these illegal operations on the side.

When Marion Grayson of the British Ministry of Defence approaches Wellens about obtaining a high tech weapon for her, he devises a plan. The leader of an African terrorist group soon approaches him requesting assistance in taking the city hostage during the upcoming NATO conference. On the fateful day, Hugh begins his work as any other ordinary day. That soon all changes as the city is in gridlock and upheaval due to a huge transportation malfunction. Responsibility has been claimed by the Oppressed People’s Army who has planted bombs in locations all over Brussels and will not hesitate to detonate them if their demands are not met.

Set in the not so distant future, Roadworks is an action-packed thrill ride. The villains are fierce and frightening and you can feel the tension emanating from those who are unwittingly thrown into the disaster. Extremely well-written and thought out, this fantastic novel reads just like a big budget film. Mr. Readett has penned a story full of intrigue, politics and betrayal. It is truly edge-of-your-seat excitement.

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