ISBN # 1-905393-25-3
February 2006
Linden Bay Romance
99 Pages

Raelyn Kendell shares ownership with her estranged father, Alan, in the Cougar
Enterprises. After her brother Ty is injured in a bull riding accident, Raelyn is forced to
give up her dream of being a rock blues singer and return home to a father who will
throw her failures in her face. She has a hard shell on the outside that has made her
bitter and defensive. Her heart has been crushed by years of bad judgments with men
and business deals.  

Hudson McKabe is always in control, but finds Raelyn a woman with an attitude. She is
not the only one with shattered dreams. Alan depended on Hudson to help him run the
business when his children followed their desires in life. Never the type to leave a task
set before him, he shelved his passions and accepted the responsibility.

Rock My World centers around two people with dreams and mistakes that left them
slightly bitter. Raelyn left home to be a singer, leaving the care of the family business,
only to find heartbreak. Hudson took the responsibility to help Raelyn’s father forgetting
his dreams. Raelyn returns home bitter. They both have to work together to get over their
resentment that eats at them like a canker sore. Raelyn must challenge her fears and
push forward as she and Hudson feel a strong attraction for each other. As they grow
closer, they have to learn to trust.

Ms. Eden has penned a well written story of two believable people that made wrong
choices in life. She demonstrates bitterness, hostility, and regrets in her characters that
only make them stronger when they allow their guards to drop. Ms. Eden has
incorporated an outstanding romantic erotic love story of two people learning once
again to love and forgive.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance