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ISBN# 0615147305
July 2007
Romeo Publishing
360 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Romeo has traveled through time to the twenty-first century only to find that his Juliet is not there. He finds a Zen Buddhist master to teach him about modern times but never forgets his love and hopes to find her.

Emma is an up and coming actress with a bright future. Her present relationship with a famous and married actor on the downslide of fame has been rapidly losing its luster. She has always dreamed of her true love but despairs of ever finding him.

What would happen if Romeo did not die at the end of the play, but was transported to modern times to start over? Would he find his Juliet and live happily ever after?

First of all, this book is listed as a contemporary romance, which it is not. It could be time travel, science fiction, fantasy or even reincarnation work, but is misplaced in this genre. The author is very descriptive and has a gift for writing love scenes, but the story bounces around quite a bit. I also had a hard time with the Zen, Egyptian mysticism, and Atlantean arcana of the present and previous lives. Shakespeare’s play is pretty straightforward, and two lives would be more than enough for the reader to get the point. Romeo and Emma’s internet romance went on for longer than necessary; I wanted them to just meet already. The book has the potential to be very interesting, but the author bogged down a simple tale with too much new age philosophy that did not help the story.

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