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ISBN# (13)978160154040X (Print)
March 2007
The Wild Rose Press
P.O. Box 706, Adams Basin, NY 14410-0706
114 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Desert of Desire

Eve Mason loves living in the big city, hates flying and has to face a flight for an assignment. Now if only the Red was not gay, her desire for him would make sense.

Red Calloway loves gardening and has managed to harness the desert in an amazing display of beauty in his backyard. He is immediately attracted to Eve and does his best to charm her into staying.

Eve cannot believe that Red has managed to grow a beautiful garden in the midst of the desert. Red on the other hand is more interested in getting to know Eve better.

A wonderfully enchanting story of beauty and love. I loved the fact that they both see the places they live as beautiful but yet they both long for each other.

Garden of Sin

Mira Serreno cannot believe that Forrest has just asked her to give him a lesson in intercourse. She is most assuredly attracted to him but is not sure this would be the best thing for her to do.

Forrest Sterling has had fantasies about Mira for a while and just for one night wants to live out that fantasy. Returning eight years later he knows that she is still the only woman he loves.

Mira has had bad relationships over the last eight years. She did not expect Forrest to be at her birthday party nor did she expect him to want to start up a relationship.

Even geeks can turn into great men and women, and make even better lovers. Ms. Leeland gives us a tale of finding the love of your life and enjoying your first sexual experience with that person.

Second Chance Rose

Rose is left without a home after hurricanes race through Florida and her beloved garden. She moves to Los Angeles and revisits the childhood stories her mother told her about the rose garden.

Richard is an artist and very shy. He sees Rose in the gardens every week and finally asks to sketch her. She agrees and he hopes that a friendship will bloom.

As the weeks pass every Sunday Richard and Rose meet in the gardens. Over the course of the seasons, they spend every Sunday together and grow more attached.

Ms. Odell tells us a story of second chances at love. I found that even though you may be older, you always have a first or even a second chance to find one person that you can love and share your life with.

All of these stories are unique and different except for the common aspect of gardens. Filled with flowers or mazes, it makes no difference, love can be found in the most unexpected places. They are stories filled with hope and with longing so great it can tear the person apart. The sex is just right for each story and leads us to know that there is more to love than in the bedroom. This volume of stories is heart touching as well.

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