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ISBN# 9781602021587
December 1, 2008
Linden Bay Romance
E-Book and Trade Paperback
$6.99 E-Book/$15.99 Trade Paperback
238 Pages
Multiple Partners/Contemporary/Westerns/Cowboys/Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

April Elizabeth Carson has blossomed into a lovely young lady over the past year. After discovering her heart torn for Mason and Clay, she wonders, will it kill their friendship?

Mason Smith cannot believe the change in April. She is no longer the tomboy he recalled from the year before. She is one hot filly that he would love to rope and call his own.

Clay Harris feels like April is every man’s dream. He no longer sees her as just a friend anymore, but instead, a really hot female friend.

Mason and Clay see April in different ways. She has blossomed into a beautiful woman who wakes desires in both them. Mason and Clay, rodeo riders, are signed up for the rough stock competition in Elk City, at the same time April needs a date for the prom. Unfortunately, this competition means big bucks and they cannot afford to let it go. When April goes out with someone who turns out to be a jerk, Mason and Clay come to her rescue. After offering their protection, the three end up in a powerful relationship. Can the three continue in their bond without damaging their life-long friendship?

Rough Stock is an impressive read that not only goes into the characters' heads but their hearts as well. I thought it was in-depth searching out feelings between each of them and what happens when thrown into a love triangle. Cat Johnson not only sketches a story of deep feelings between friends, but the outcome of events once neighbors and associates learn of the situation. I can tell that Ms. Johnson not only put heart and soul into the characters but gave all from herself, too. It gives one thought if something as enticing as she depicts can withstand any test of time.

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