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ISBN: 978-1-587496-06-6
January 2007
Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.
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255 Pages
Paranormal Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Martha Dunsmore Is more than your typical miss fresh from the school room. She keeps her family lineage a closely guarded secret, for in society it would not do for a young woman to have even a hint of scandal breathed against her. However it is difficult for the intrepid Mss. Dunsmore to keep her interest in the man that rescued her from certain ruin to herself. While he shows no interest in her, she cannot help but feel there is something between them.

Lord Brinston knows from the first moment he sees Martha, held hostage by a smuggler that she will give him nothing but trouble. The problem is that, deep down, the idea does not bother him one bit. Circumstances throw the two together and Brinston cannot help but become enchanted with the mischievous lively Martha.

Obstacles stand between the pair and true love. Will intrigues, secrets and societies prejudices keep this pair apart? Or will they overcome all?

Set in Regency England Ms. Marr pens a intriguing tale. Creating an alternate universe where the rules of King Author and the Round Table is actually history and not legend brings an original and fresh twist. Martha is a delight and Lord Brinston is just what a hero should be. The cast of characters brought to life are lively and fun to read. The dialogue was witty and entertaining. I hope this is the start of a series set in this universe, and I eagerly look forward to Ms. Marr’s next endeavor.

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