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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-2216-9
Kensington Publishing Corporation
850 Third Ave, 16th Floor, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Princess Shahrazad is the dutiful daughter of the Sultan in The Land of the Moon. She is bound by law to never be touched by an unrelated man, or look into a man's eyes. Should she disobey, her head will adorn Pike Wall alongside a multitude of other young maidens.

Prince Tahir is the Impregnator for his mother's people in The Land of the Sun. Here men are either used for stud service, or made eunuchs as young boys. The violent nature of men is something that his mother Queen Kulwanti has strived to eradicate.

How could this be happening on her wedding day? Princess Shahrazad has spent her entire life following the laws set by her father, and with one touch her fate has been sealed. Either she marries the Raj, and aligns their armies against the Shitani, or her people will perish. Prince Tahir is in much the same position as the princess. He must find his sister and bring her back, or his people will suffer the same scourge. Tahir becomes the reluctant assistant to the magician Badr the Bad to save his sister, but when Badr tries to control Princess Shahrazad, Tahir revolts. Together Tahir and Shahrazad form an alliance to rid their lands of the Shitani, but they are challenged at every turn. From their parents, the magician, and the Shitani, Tahir and Shahrazad fight a battle through a maze of deception and treachery. The risks they must take may very well cost them their souls.

The whirlwind of chaos never abates for Tahir and Shahrazad. Ms. Betts spins a web of intrigue for the reader. Her characters are mysterious, sexy, and continually grow throughout the story. Shahrazad and Tahir both start out as subservient and easily cowed, but quickly come into their own. The scenic backdrop is exotic and sultry, just the right accompaniment for the storyline. Ms. Betts never fails to stimulate every one of your senses, and Running Wild is a prime example.

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